March 4, 2018

SEEK - Paul

This Sunday is our final Seek series story where we will be following the example of Paul as he sought God to remove the 'thorn from his flesh'. What happens when there seems to be no answer from God? Or if the answer is 'no' or 'not now'? Pastor Campbell will be teaching us how sometimes His answer can simply be 'trust me, I am enough for you'.


We began our third week of seeking God together as a community Jeremy and Lyndelle shared with us their personal and yearly practice of seeking God.

February 18, 2018

SEEK - Nehemiah

Pastor Campbell is continuing our seek journey and we desire to 'see what God can do in 2018 and beyond'

February 11, 2018

SEEK - Moses

This week as we kicked off our SEEK series Pastor Campbell shared from the story of Moses, a man who desired to see God's glory.

February 4, 2018

SEEK - See What God Can Do!

As we seek God we discover this remarkable reality, He is already and always was seeking us. What happens when our seeking each other connects?

January 28, 2018

Summer Series - Be Happy

In Jesus we can find not only our “happy thought” but the true source of happiness, contentment, satisfaction and joy.  That in relationship with him are true riches and strength.

January 21, 2018

The Practice of Waiting

This Sunday Pastor Dave shared his ongoing journey as he learns what waiting on God looks like.

December 17, 2017

Fear Not - God For Us

This Sunday we looked at how the Christmas account shows God is for us, that His favor was and continues to be extended to and over us, just as it was for Mary. But what does God being for us actually mean and what can that look like?

December 10, 2017

Fear Not - God With Us

How does the Christmas story about the arrival of a child born in a manger speak into a world full of fear and anxiety?

November 19, 2017

Peace Around The Table

Though we come as equals to the table, our diversity will at times produce disagreement which if unresolved can cause division. Conflict among family is a very painful experience but forgiveness and reconciliation so beautiful and freeing.

Why are there divisions and conflicts in the church community? What are some of the big divisions and conflicts in the early church? How did they resolve these, or did they? What are some of the things that cause division and conflict in the church today? How might we best resolve conflict and remain around the table?


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