How do we maintain a consistent faith that endures through both the hard and the good times?

This week we continue in our journey with Joseph and find just how he honours God in times of Fame and Surplus. 

God's timing is often wild. It is good, but it is wild.

Often we have no idea what God is preparing us for. He always has plans for us , things he wants to fulfill in us, and giftings, callings and passions he wants to work out in us. Yet so often the timing of what he is doing at a particular moment can be so confusing. 

Although obviously I don’t know for sure, I do think Joseph would agree that Gods timing is wild - His timing is good, but it is wild

This week, Craig continues on the story and life of Joseph (Gen 39), through Joseph's rollercoaster ride of a life we see that he holds firm in God and does not allow the temptations of his circumstances over come his desire to trust in God's plan.

If you are like most people, there are days when you wake up and the last thing you feel like doing is praising God. You have chores to do, whaanau to sort and hang out with, and a looming pile of work or study teetering on a fast-approaching horizon.

So why praise God? On Sunday we pulled Psalm 33 apart and you will see in there some amazing reasons why praising God is not just a good idea, it is life-changingly essential.

This extended conversation between Jeremy & Dave is a continuation from last Sunday's message about the effects this lockdown period can be having on us. In it they cover some of the ways in which this can present itself physiologically, mentally, spiritually and socially. As individuals we all are experiencing these uncertain times in some way and as Jesus followers we want to pay attention to what is going on within us and what are some ways we can journey this with God.

I know that is not great grammar, but when we unpack Psalm 139 on Sunday you will totally understand what I am trying to say there.

This has to be one of the most well known and loved Psalms ever. But how can this make sense when it looks like David wants to run away and hide from God in the middle of it?
Maybe the reality that God can totally read our minds has something to do with it. Is that totally scary, or totally reassuring? Hmmm?

April 12, 2020


Kia ora whaanau

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday and we would love for you to join us as we celebrate the victory Jesus has won. It will be a time or worship and encouragement and we are excited about how God will speak to us.

If you are like a lot of people as soon as you hear the word 'outreach' you break out in a cold sweat. 

On Sunday though I'm talking about how simply telling someone of the hope Jesus has given me is totally easy.
The key is it's not so much the words you use, but the life you live.
Ka kite anoo

How on earth can I be generous in 'lockdown'?
Wow - these are some crazy and scary times. If someone told you a month ago that Aotearoa would be in almost total lockdown, you would have laughed, cried, or maybe ran away.

This Sunday we are looking at the fifth marker of maturity - Joyful Generosity. Is it really possible to be generous during this wild time, or is it better to just lock everything down and hold on.

Community is something as individuals we all need and engage in in various ways. From church, to sports teams, to craft groups and the many different clubs, we love to connect! 

But why are we drawn to be with other people? As Christians we believe that community is an expression of God's heart and how he has designed us. This Sunday we are going to be looking at consistent community in our series "Markers of Maturity" and the role it plays in taking us deeper with Jesus and growing our faith.

So join us as we lean in to God by practicing community. It won't be the same without you! 

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