September 20, 2020

I AM | The Vine

Jesus says ‘I AM the vine’ and we are branches, and that we should abide in him. What does he mean by abide? What does he mean that you and I are a branch? So many questions! 

(Important note - this I AM statement is pretty much the key to the entire Christian journey! Whoa!)

September 13, 2020

I AM | I am The Bread Of Life

It's REALLY hard to know who and what to believe these days.  
Who has the truth? Who should you trust? What’s the payoff?

This Sunday we are looking at Jesus’ statement in John 6: “I AM the bread of life.” What a weird thing for Jesus to compare himself to… bread!
And then he tells those following him to do something that sounds crazy.  Jesus makes some big claims and we have two choices – believe him… or not.  Find out on Sunday the amazing offer for those who believe. 

August 30, 2020

I AM | I am the Gate

When was the last time you stole something?
Hopefully you read that and went "woah, no way, never….." 
You can usually only steal something when no one is watching - right?
(at least that’s what I’ve heard - ha)

This Sunday we are looking at Jesus statement - ‘I AM the gate’ in John 10. This statement has so much meaning and depth it is wild! One aspect is that he is the one who protects us - he is always watching over us in love - always. No one sneaks past Jesus to try and steal us when he is on the job - Which is always! 

When was the last time you had a power cut at night? One minute everything is light and you can see things and people fine, and the next minute - boom- total darkness. You kind of have to freeze for a moment to figure out what just happened.

On Sunday we looked at the amazing statement of Jesus
‘I AM the light of the world’. Does this just refer to when he made blind people see, or is there something way more amazing going on? 
To find out, join us this Sunday with part 3 of our "I AM" series.

This week we are looking at Jesus' words in John 11 about being the resurrection and life. But what does that even mean? As followers of Jesus how do these words apply when we are alive?
Are these just hopeful words about the future or is there a reality in them that we can experience today?

It is wild to see how many different 'Jesus' there are on the planet.

For some people, Jesus is a revolutionary overthrowing a corrupt government. For some people, Jesus is a meek and mild child they call out out only when things are going wrong. For others, Jesus is only myth from an ancient time. 

Who do you say Jesus is?

And how can you be sure this is who Jesus claimed to be, and not simply a reflection of your own beliefs, feelings, likes and dislikes. 

Peter has a few things to say to slaves, but his words are suprising. Rather than telling them to rise up and rebel against the injustice, he requires them to respect and honour their masters.


This Sunday, speaker Nathan Martin will unpack why Peter gives this strange advice to slaves and learn what it means for our lives today. 

On the final Sunday in our series on Joseph we look at the theme of radical forgiveness and how after 40 years we see reconciliation and healing between whaanau.

Is wisdom something some people get and others don't? This Sunday in Genesis 44 we see that Joseph is pretty wise... Is that just him, or has God being at work?

God never says, "I'm sooooo busy." 

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