This Sunday, Love is... patient. 

Why is patience first in the list?
Could it be that patience is one of the greatest expressions of love? 
Could it be that it lays a foundation for all our relationships as well as the other expressions of love? 

May 12, 2019

20Twenty about Mum’s

This Sunday, we celebrate our lovely mum's and remember that we can trust that God has our children on His mind as we participate in what He is already doing.

We would like to encourage Mum's and Dad's to lean into God, trusting that He already intimately knows our children and their needs, whatever their ages and stage of life.

May 12, 2019

We Love Mums

Gather together this Sunday to celebrate our lovely Mum's with our amazing guest speakers Graham and Julie Rickard. 

A desire of most Christians is to spend time with Jesus, to connect powerfully with him. Yet many go from week to week with little, or no, actual deep, real, powerful connection with Christ.

Why is it important to connect with him, and how can we do this in a simple way in the midst of our crazy-busy lives?

This week our Guest Speaker - Craig Barrow - speaks in Communion. Communion is something we do often as Christians, but how many of us regularly stop to reflect on the deep meaning behind communion? There is something deeply mystical in what the elements of communion link us back to. There is something deeply mystical in the death and sacrifice of Christ and it is important for us to understand this and to link back to it whenever we take communion.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Resurrection Sunday, and the resurrection life that has been opened to us through Jesus.

Now it’s time for Jesus to walk the talk: as he stops the arguing, he lays down any arms for battle, he moves from first to last, from Lord to servant, and he entrusts himself to his Fathers arms, ways, and even justice. 

In doing so we see how temporary the evil, authority, and power of humanity on this planet really is.  

These climatic chapters of Mark show us the REALITY of Jesus that has formed our HISTORY and set in place our ETERNITY! 

This Sunday Campbell lead us through the arrival of Jesus ‘the Son of David’  to Jerusalem, the City of David - King of Israel.  Jesus commutes in and out of Jerusalem daily, and talks to the authorities about authority.

This Sunday we are excited to hear from Abbey about Christians Against Poverty's (CAP) heart and mission: to release Kiwis from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes - into a life filled with hope and freedom.

Originally from Canada, Abbey has called New Zealand home for the past 14 years. Abbey first encountered CAP when a change in circumstances prompted her to attend a ‘CAP Money’ course…fast forward a few years and Abbey now works full-time at CAP!

In her role as Church Partnership Director, Abbey loves journeying with churches to help them find their ‘CAP sweet spot’ - supporting the church’s own vision to reach their community, and empower people to step out into their callings and giftings. 

This Sunday we dig into Mark 10:46-52 and explore the opportunities for CBC to connect with CAP. 

March 24, 2019

The Good News - Mark 10

What did Jesus mean by “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross”, what’s with this losing one’s life business, how can someone who is last be first and what’s so important about children that Jesus keeps telling us to welcome them?
Just like the disciples who were with Him wrestled with His words and what kind of counter-culture life they offered, this Sunday we listened to the words of Jesus and considered what obedience to them looks like today as His followers.

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