This week Craig talks about the 'forgotten or unknown' one of the Trinity-The Holy Spirit. Craig teaches us that He is the one currently indwelling, guiding, and gifting all Christians is the world.

September 8, 2019

This We Believe - God the Son

Looking into God the Son - Jesus Christ

September 1, 2019

For Me And My House

This Sunday morning we will be looking at Joshua's address to Israel and his challenge to them to serve God completely. Joshua's call to Israel to decide who will they serve and for them to decide what the future of Israel will look like.

How does this look today in the challenges we have in our lives?
Are we willing to serve God 100%?


Join us as we continue the exciting journey of our new series THIS WE BELIEVE exploring God the Father. 

Why are Christians so often called Children of God in the Bible?

Why does God the Father not call us minion or peons or something, considering how awesome He is in comparison to us?

And, what exactly does it mean to be a Child of God, when He is divine and I am human?

This Sunday we began the exciting journey of delving deeper into the theology and wonder of the Trinity in our new series THIS WE BELIEVE. 

Often viewed as peripheral, extra, weird or just plain confusing, our understanding of the Trinity is actually central to our faith as Christians. 

Why? Because, it is all about the God we love, worship and have our life in.

Michael Reeves writes “Neither a problem nor a technicality, the triune being of God is the vital oxygen of Christian life and joy.”

Come and breathe deep this ‘vital oxygen’, as God takes us deeper with Himself.

Every word, thought, feeling and action utilises neural pathways. As we use these pathways we make them bigger and stronger and easier to use. Every time we speak, think, feel or act we shape our physical brains. The brain is constantly changing according to how we use it!

Neuroscience tells us that we can rewire our brains.
The Bible tells us that we can renew our minds.

Listen in as we journey thinking well with Sarah Field for a workshop that helps you engage in this rewiring, renewing experience using two simple and effective tools.

August 11, 2019

Thinking Well - Sarah Field

We will use Philippians 4:2-9 to learn how to "Think Well" with our guest speaker Sarah Field.

How would it feel to have a mind which is continually focused on what is excellent and noble? What would it be like to have a mind which is truly your friend? As a Jesus-follower, how much influence do you have over your thoughts and feelings?

This week as part of living out our faith, Lawrence Jensen from our CBC whānau, will introduce us to the idea of how we might begin to love our Māori brothers and sisters as Tangata Whenua.

As Christians we know that money and possession can't buy our happiness or fulfil us, but why do we still pursue them as though they do? Jesus came to give abundant life, why do we pursue it in other things? Craig wraps up our series in James with thoughts from chapter 5.   

James addresses the two ways of living and what he refers to as the battle within our divided souls.
The pull between two worlds, two ways, two kingdoms.

But James tell us there is hope for a whole soul! 

When we are surrendered to God, we experience the reality of Him who is so very near. 

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