November 29, 2020

Prepare Him a Room | Hope

This week Dave begins our journey into the Christmas time of Hope, and that there is hope in a God who often reveals Himself and wants to meet with us in the unexpected, the little and the ordinary.

In the story of Ruth and Boaz, there is a whole lot of anxious excitement in the last chapter. 

Will Boaz get this ‘la bomba’ Ruth?

Will this random guy with no name end up marrying Ruth instead?

Will Naomi end the story bitter and empty?

In Ruth chapter four you see God do something pretty awesome - but when you look beyond the simple story you see a something that makes you go ‘Whoa. No Way’

Some people would say it is super hard. It's like you have to figure out God's secret plan. Pastor Dave would say his cat has figured out the secret to blessing - he explained this so well last Sunday. Although, it wasn't so much God's blessing for his cat.

So, what would you say - easy? Hard? Depends?

This week in Chapter 2 of Ruth, Dave brings to light how Ruth continues to serve for her mother in law as she becomes a foreigner in a new land.

November 1, 2020

Ruth | Naomi’s Story

Naomi is the focus of Ruth Chapter 1 and in many ways the book of Ruth is actually Naomi’s story.  Naomi sometimes gets a bad rep as a bitter old woman because of the name she gives herself.  If we dig a little deeper we find Naomi was a woman of faith with a generous spirit, and we can learn a lot from how she navigated loss, family, and friendship, as she journeys to the place of hope and provision that God has for her.

According to the all knowing Google and Guinness World records, around 7 billion Bibles have been sold.

This is about 6 billion more than the next book. Surely, this can't be a reliable statistic and someone messed with the numbers? The Bible couldn't have outsold all other books, in the past and currently, by such a huge margin? Unless it is what it claims to be - the Word of God. Whoa!

So, If God knows what I’ll pray before I pray, then why pray?
If God knows everything, and if God is outside of time so knows exactly what is going to happen, isn’t prayer a waste of time?
I guess the key question then is simply ‘does prayer actually do anything’?

Hmmmmm - listen on as we try and figure this one out!

Is Baptism the weirdest thing Christians do?


Unless you understand what baptism is all about, you’d have to think it is one of the weirdest things we do as Christians. Someone is kind of pushed under the water and when they rise back up everyone is all excited and cheers - that is pretty weird.

Or is it? Christianity is quite symbolic and when you understand what baptism symbolizes you see that it is not weird at all, but completely and totally mind-blowingly awesome! 

What makes Satan run away?

The Bible talks of Satan as a real spiritual being who would like nothing better than to destroy Christians. If that is the case, and he is really out to get us, is there anything we can do to stop him? 
Totally! Last time I checked Jesus can make satan run away - but can we make him run away too?

Two is better than one, usually.

Unless it is something nasty, two is always better than one - right. Two pizza, two chocolate mousse, two friends, two unicycles. But that would be a bike???

Anyway- having Jesus watching over us is totally awesome, but in the passage we looked at on Sunday we see that Jesus teams up with someone totally awesome and then they double-team us in care, protection, provision and blessing!

Can I hear an Amen? (said in a Texas accent)

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