James points out that we can tame a tiger, but we cannot tame the tongue!

Why is it that a person's tongue is completely impossible to control?

In Chapter 3, James explains exactly what we need to do to not only control our tongue, but to also become as wise as God Himself!

Or as James puts it; wise with heaven's wisdom. Whoa.

A core message through the book of James is that the truth of a persons outward actions reflect their true internal nature. 

Is the faith a person claims to have in Jesus changing their life so they live a life of sacrifice and service and live in obedience to Jesus - or not. 

This Sunday we began our new series on the book of James. We explored what it looks like to live out our faith from a soul that is whole instead of divided.

This Sunday, we celebrated Campbell and Lorraine's time in leadership and service as part of the CBC family over the past 24 years. 

Patience is an attitude of love

Kindness is love in action

Humility is the posture of love

Always is the rhythm of love


Loving our world with ...

This Sunday, we loved our world ALWAYS

If patience is an attitude of love,
… kindness is love in action,
… and humility is the posture of love,
… then what does the rhythm of love look like?

This Sunday, Love is... humble. 

What is the true posture of love? 
If love is patient and kind to an ever-widening circle of relationships, what changes might need to take place in my posture towards others?
What is it in my attitudes about others and myself that hinders or encourages love to be expressed?

1 Corinthians 13 v 4

This Sunday, Love is... kind. As part of a broken world, we have both experienced the pain of unkindness, and we have inflicted unkindness. It was not meant to be this way. God created us for loving, harmonious, generous, selfless connection and relationships with Himself and with others.

This Sunday, Love is... patient. 

Why is patience first in the list?
Could it be that patience is one of the greatest expressions of love? 
Could it be that it lays a foundation for all our relationships as well as the other expressions of love? 

May 12, 2019

20Twenty about Mum’s

This Sunday, we celebrate our lovely mum's and remember that we can trust that God has our children on His mind as we participate in what He is already doing.

We would like to encourage Mum's and Dad's to lean into God, trusting that He already intimately knows our children and their needs, whatever their ages and stage of life.

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